Clear Counter-top Drinking Water Filter System

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Countertop Water Filter

Countertop water filters are one of the most versatile devices in the filtration systems. They have a unique way of processing including direct valves, faucet aerators and replaceable filter cartridges with universal slots. With a simple but effective system of filtration, they are easy to install and maintain.

Types of Countertop water filters

Before deciding to buy countertop water filters , one should consider various aspects including power, water purity index and purpose of filtration and durability of cartridges. Keeping in mind these aspects, the best countertop water purifiers are manufactured in below categories:

GAC countertop water filters

Granular Activated Carbon filter is extensive in brackish water filtering. It is compatible with a wide variety of faucets and removes sediments as small as 5 microns. It is proven to eliminate Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts completely from water.

Alkaline Countertop filters

Theses water filters are equipped with carefully crafted cartridges to provide best quality of drinking water which is odorless, colorless and alkaline to fit the human body chemistry. These features make this category of filters, the best sellers for household filtration requirements.

KDF Countertop filters

KDF filters are designed specifically to remove chlorine and heavy metals like lead from the water. The filter controls scale, bacteria and algae even from hot water. There are many variations in KDF filters including KDF- 55, 85, Fines and Coarse mesh according to the needs of the user and water conditions.

Benefits of Countertop Water Filters

  • Best for tap water filtration purpose with complete elimination of sediments as small as 5 microns

  • Minimal maintenance with minimum 3 month cartridge performance guarantee

  • Accurate alkaline water output for human body chemistry compatibility

  • Activated carbon filters remove all possible cysts often lurking in tap water

  • Useful in flushing out toxins from body

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