Ceramic Laundry Washing Ball, Wash Without Detergent – 2pc

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Naturally Cleaning Laundry Balls are changing the way we do laundry. Instead of dyed, perfumed detergents these spheres use basic chemistry to raise the pH balance of wash water. This increased alkaline level enables a deeper, more natural removal of dirt and oil. The result is an environment similar to hydrogen peroxide, which kills germs, disinfects and deodorizes clothing. Say goodbye to heavy, expensive bottles of detergent and hello to naturally clean clothes! Spheres last approximately three years… or 1,000 loads of laundry!


Naturally Cleaning Laundry Balls (Set of 2)

Naturally Cleaning Laundry Balls are a new, natural approach to laundry. They clean, disinfect and deodorize clothing without detergents, dyes or perfumes.

• Proven to be as effective as detergent

• Cleans by raising the pH balance of water

• Higher alkalinity enables dirts and soils to be soaked free naturally

• Proven to sanitize as effectively as detergent

• Better for your skin than detergent

• Gentle on fabrics

• Antibacterial and anti-oxidant

• No dyes

• No perfumes

• Reduces the amount of soap in municipal waste water

• For use in front-loading and top-loading machines

• Saves hundreds of dollars compared to detergent

• Lasts approx 1,000 washes — roughly the equivalent of $300 worth of generic detergent (40 jugs)

• Natural Clean Laundry Balls are “recharged” by putting them in the sun for one afternoon every two weeks

• Most effective on colored clothes (green, yellow, blue, light yellow)

• Includes 2 balls


Length: 9.5  Inches
Width: 4.5
Height: 4.5  Inches
Weight: 1.13 Lbs

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in


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